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October 2014
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Water Conservation PSA

Posted By on September 30, 2014

Australian Harvest

Posted By on September 29, 2014

A film I made of my time spent on Fowlers Farm, near Esperance in Western Australia for the 2013 Harvest.

Soil and water conservation for food security

Posted By on September 27, 2014

This video shows how family farmers in the lowveld of Swaziland reclaimed some of their autonomy and food security by using new farming methods based on prin…

Pig Farm / Piggery

Posted By on September 27, 2014

In this episode of “From Farm Gate To Your Plate” we travel to Bangalow Pork and takes a tour of the piggery from conception, to birth to the fattening shed….

Dreamworld | Australian Sheep Shearing Show (26/11/13)

Posted By on September 25, 2014

Uploaded for my other account Brisbane TV Videos. Located in the Dreamworld Woolshed, the Australian Sheep Shearing Show is an interactive show held several …

Australian Conservation Foundation, Just Add Water

Posted By on September 24, 2014

In 2010 the Australian Conservation Foundation ran a campaign to rally community support to purchase water on the open market to return environmental flows t…

George the Farmer’s Australian Adventures!

Posted By on September 23, 2014

App available on iTunes now! George the Farmer is everyone’s friend. With his trusty dog Jessie by his side he tackles the day to day a…

Heinrich Marks 50th Anniversary of Wilderness Act & Land and Water Conservation Fund

Posted By on September 21, 2014

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), a member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, delivered a speech on the Senate Floor today to commemorate the 50th Anniversaries of…

Wind Turbines on Farms, Legislation in South Australian Parliament

Posted By on September 20, 2014

Mark Parnell MLC speaks on the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation (Renewable Energy) Amendment Bill. In effect, the Bill provides for lease agreements…

About Australian Red Meat (Sheep processing)

Posted By on September 18, 2014

Water conservation efforts

Posted By on September 18, 2014

23 News at 6 by Lia Steinberg.

Completely farm raised bluefin tuna

Posted By on September 16, 2014

A dream has come true of completely farm-raising bluefin tuna to aid sustainability of marine stocks worldwide From the development of fish farming technolog…

Water Conservation Techniques

Posted By on September 15, 2014

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Australia Day Farm Party 2014

Posted By on September 14, 2014

Just a short clip of Australia Day 2014 at the farm. Great day and plenty of fun!

8 Apr 2014 Future Farm Live – ABC RN ‘Big Ideas’ discussion

Posted By on September 12, 2014

‘Framing the future of Australian agriculture’ – a discussion about the issues facing the sector with: Paul Barclay – host RN ‘Big Ideas’ Lucinda Corrigan – …

Lodi water conservation efforts are failing

Posted By on September 11, 2014

Lodi city leaders are wondering what happened after July water consumption levels rose. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more: Get more Sacremento news:…

FarmingSimulator2013Game My Farm Australian Map pt 1

Posted By on September 10, 2014

farm sim 2013 aussie map first look and tips.

Low Flow Future – Water Conservation

Posted By on September 8, 2014

A short segment of a 30 minute documentary about water usage, conservation and preparation on the Central Coast of California. Professional business storytel…

Rabbit Farms , Australian Government Shame.

Posted By on September 8, 2014

Another ” rabbit farm ” how could people be so cruel, these places all need to be shut down straight away, are we proud to be called Australians and know tha…

UNCLE TOBYS Oats Farmer – The Australian Farmer’s Partnership with UNCLE TOBYS

Posted By on September 6, 2014

UNCLE TOBYS farmer Gerard Whitty addresses the positive impact of the partnership between UNCLE TOBYS and Australian Oat Farmers. This is then compared to th…

Centre asks states to stress on improving water conservation & other headlines

Posted By on September 5, 2014

Top National and International stories of this hour.

Rural Hobby Farm For Sale

Posted By on September 4, 2014

Hobby Farm for Sale QLD NSW border. Carrying capacity of 20 adult cattle. more Info:…

Soil & water conservation

Posted By on September 2, 2014

About Australian Red Meat – SHEEP – On the farm

Posted By on September 2, 2014

All About Australian Rice (Full Video)

Posted By on August 31, 2014

The full of Australian Rice growing. A VINCE BUCELLO production.

City of Cedar Park & Water Conservation

Posted By on August 30, 2014

See what the City of Cedar Park and one local family, the Trumans, are doing to conserve water.

Citrus harvesting in Australia with a Nelson Harvester

Posted By on August 29, 2014 11 minute video by Vince Bucello. Andrew Nelson of Nelson Harvesters explains the workings of his Olive and Citrus harvester. Film…

Water Conservation and Protection in an Ontario Watershed

Posted By on August 27, 2014

The Whiteman’s Creek Watershed is a sensitive area. It is home to large fish populations that the Grand River Conservation Authority and Province of Ontario …

FarmingSimulator2013Game My Farm Australian Map pt 2

Posted By on August 27, 2014

farm sim 2013 aussie map mowing mission and first plant and harvest.

GoPro: Australian Farm Life – Part 3

Posted By on August 24, 2014

Welsh backpacker working for a second year working holiday visa. Filmed on a GoPro Hero 3+ Black on a farm in Nullamanna, Australia.

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